The Parkinson's Appeal for Deep Brain Stimulation


Dystonia Deep Brain Stimulation Operation

Dystonia is a rare neurological condition which causes uncontrollable muscle spasms.

The procedure in which electrodes are precisely positioned deep inside the brain and connected to a stimulator usually implanted in the chest.

Thanks to the support from the Parkinson's Appeal for Deep Brain Stimulation the Functional Neurosurgery Unit led by Professor Hariz at the National Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London is a world leader in the research and application of Deep Brain Stimulation.

Dystonia patients are usually operated on under a general anesthetic. Parkinson's Disease patients tend to be awake for the implanting of the electrodes.

The following clip contains graphic images of the operation.

DBS Operation*



*Clips by kind permission of Landmark Films to raise awareness of Dystonia





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