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Rita Carlisle

Rita CarlisleThe following letter was written by Rita Carlisle, the recipient of the Deep Brain Stimulation operation that Lyn Rothman witnessed. It was the first letter Rita had been able to write for 10 years.

Dear Lyn

I felt I have to write to express my sincere gratefulness to yourself for raising the funds to pay towards my Deep Brain Stimulation operation.

I was unaware of your contribution until the day before my operation. I am so thankful for your kind help.

My disability made me very self-conscious and quite depressed at times. I had got to the stage where I was finding it too difficult to even write and this is my first letter in ten years.

I feel that you, Professor Hariz, Dr Limousin and the team have given me a new lease of life.

I watched my father who I inherited the disease from, go through his life progressively getting worse, incapable of doing the simplest of daily chores like eating and drinking without aid and could only see myself going the same way.

I am only 52 years old but I had been noticing my shakes getting worse, so for me to have my operation regardless of what it involved has been a real life saver and no words can express my absolute gratitude.

Thank you

Rita Carlisle


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