The Parkinson's Appeal for Deep Brain Stimulation


Fergus Henderson
'They drilled into my skull. Now I can cook again'
If anyone was going to take brain surgery in his stride, it was going to be offal-loving chef Fergus Henderson. Over slices of succulent blood cake, he tells Rachel Cooke how going under the knife cured his Parkinson's
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Rita Carlisle
Describes her gratefulness for the operation in the first letter she was able to write for 10 years.
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Amy Westall
Amy has dystonia and spent 7 years as a wheelchair user until her operation in Feb 2003 at the age of 17.
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Michael Holman
Journalist for the FT, describes his experiences of undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation surgery and his life 12 months after in articles that were originally published in the Financial Times Saturday April 6th, 2002.
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Leo Cooper
A Sartorial Affliction - Parkinson's Disease has changed Leo Coopers Life. But his greatest challenge, he says is his wardrobe.
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Lord Bethell MEP
When Euro MP Lord Bethell found he had Parkinson's disease, he was terrified. But here he tells how illness has taught him where there's life, there's hope in an article first published in The Mail on Sunday April 22nd 2001.
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Eyewitness Account of Rita's Operation by Lyn Rothman
Lyn describes watching Professor Hariz perform the miracle of Rita's operation.
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Last Bid for Freedom
Guardian journalist Michela Wrong describes her experience of supporting Michael Holman when he underwent the DBS surgery in an article originally published in the Guardian, March 31st, 2001.
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Martin Westall
Read about the transformation in family life since his daughter had surgery in Feb 2003 .
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Implant that Tames Parkinsons
A story about Mike Robins written by Roger Dobson for the Daily Mail.
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Jilly Cooper on her husband, Leo
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