The Parkinson's Appeal for Deep Brain Stimulation


Deep Brain Stimulation technology is constantly developing and over the next few years we can expect to see improvements in the following:

Increasing Time Between Battery Changes

  • Improvements in battery technology
  • New chemistries = more power in smaller devices
  • Rechargeable = smaller devices & extended life
  • Up to 9 years maximum life  
  • Variable recharging intervals

Smaller Stimulator Size

  • Less visible = more cosmetic
  • Implanted closer to electrodes
  • Thin, contour-shaped, flexible conforming devices
  • Direct electrode connection without the need for the wires from the electrodes to the stimulation to be placed under the skin down the neck.

Tailored Stimulation & Therapy Delivery

  • Advanced programming sequences & patterns
  • MRI compatible components

Remote Monitoring & Care (Telemedicine)

  • Patient monitoring & diagnostics by telephone and the internet
  • Less frequent routine hospital outpatient appointments



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