The Parkinson's Appeal for Deep Brain Stimulation

BIBLIOGRAPHY - 2003/2004


Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Book Chapters

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Invited Papers and Presentations

Deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus and conditional associative learning in Parkinson's disease. Invited talk, National Institutes of Health, Deep Brain Stimulation Consortium Meeting, Washington DC, September 29-30, 2003.

Executive dysfunction in Parkinson's disease. Invited talk, Second Meeting of the CDM Club, Institute of Neurology, London, November 4th 2003.

The Clinical Neuropsychology of Parkinson's disease. Department of Psychology, University of Sussex, 16 February 2004.

Living and coping with Dystonia. Dystonia Medical and Patient Conference, Dublin, Ireland, February 20-21, 2004.

Deep brain stimulation, cognitive function and mood. Symposium on Deep Brain Stimulation, 34th Scandinavian Neurological Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 1-5, 2004.


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